As a father of two young children, I was more than pleased to donate to the Boy Scouts of America in celebration of their 100 years of dedicated and motivated service. Throughout the years I have contributed to many organizations. However, I am especially proud of this one. The Boy Scouts of America are a great organization that really helps kids understand the importance of responsibility.

I feel that it¹s important to invest in a positive cause that can help shape the lives of our future leaders. Donating to Boy Scouts of America was an easy decision. This organization has accomplished so much because of its great commitment and contribution to America's youth. It was only right to be a part of it.

Becoming an Honoree was a very proud moment. I felt I was truly contributing to the improvement of the lives of America¹s youth. As CEO of Tristar Products, I am committed to giving in a big way. Our products are based on the same principles, aiming to improve the lives of all our customers.


Tristar Products is built on the foundation of teamwork. Our society is formed on top of this foundation and our products are a reflection of our commitment to society and hard work. By contributing to Boy Scouts of America, I hope to help maintain this foundation for future generations to come.

More than ever, we have a responsibility to teach our children the importance of respect, commitment and a responsibility to society. Boy Scouts of America has succeeded in doing so over the past century. Through my donation, I hope to not only help advance the lives of the Boy Scouts across America, but also teach my children the benefits and importance of giving back to society.












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